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Aicher, Nobs und Wieland
(formerly büro aicher)

Your specialist for genealogical research and probate inquiries.

Do you need help with your own genealogical research and family tree or have you been contacted by us regarding an inheritance? Then send us an email to or simply use our contact form via the button. 

genealogical research

Have you always wondered who your ancestors are? We'll find out for you. We put a lot of attention on scientific research methods and evidence. With over 30 years of experience, Aicher, Nobs und Wieland GmbH (formerly büro aicher) is the oldest active genealogy office in Switzerland.


Family research or genealogy is the reconstruction of the line of descent of a specific person, usually with the aim of visualizing a family tree from the data obtained. For years before 1876, church registers are the central source for obtaining this data. In most Swiss and German localities, church records date back to the late 16th or early 17th century. From 1876 onwards, the church books were replaced by the registers of the civil registry offices. Finding and preparing this data can be very labor intensive.

We take over:

  • extensive genealogical research.

  • Selective research in places where you cannot get any further with your own research.

  • genealogical analyzes for a problem. You can then carry out the steps yourself.

  • genealogical reports for courts. 

  • House research in the canton of Zurich.


Our hourly rate is Chf. 90.- per hour. If visits to archives are necessary, we charge a lower rate of 60.- per hour for travel time. The travel route is always calculated from Zurich.

Whenever possible we try to combine travel times for small orders to help spread costs.

probate research

In Switzerland, in the event of the death of a person, the state is obliged under Article 555 of the Swiss Civil Code to find those entitled to inherit. If no will or contract of inheritance was left, the estate will be divided according to the legal succession. In the case of direct relatives (persons of the first and second parentel), these are usually easy to determine. However, if this is not the case, it can become more difficult to find other beneficiaries. If the responsible authorities are unsuccessful, potential heirs are called upon to report within a year. The right to inheritance must be proven by means of the necessary documents. For this purpose, for example, the absence of close relatives must also be proven, which can be very time-consuming and complex.

We offer the following assistance:

  • Identification of heirs

  • Proof of inheritance rights

  • Estate processing up to the distribution of the inheritance according to statutory inheritance quotas

Because many people in such a situation are not even aware that they are possible heirs, we proactively search and contact them and offer them our representation.  For heirs represented by us, this means practically no effort. Since we do not require any advance payment or the like, there is no financial risk for the heir. We will order the necessary documents from the registry offices at our expense, for which a power of attorney from the person represented is required.  We only charge our fee when the inheritance has been paid out. This means that if you do not receive an inheritance, you will not incur any costs.

about us

Aicher, Nobs und Wieland GmbH was founded in January 2022 and succeeds büro aicher. Jürg Nobs and David Wieland will continue to run the operational business and Manuel Aicher will continue to work in the background as an advisor.

Furthermore, we are still working closely with Dr. Benno Grzimek, our man in Berlin.

In addition to our permanent employees, we have a global network of partners and work together with various freelancers.

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